Deep Drop "X" Rig

Deep Drop "X" Rig
Deep Drop "X" Rig
Deep Drop "X" Rig
Product image 1Deep Drop "X" Rig
Product image 2Deep Drop "X" Rig
Product image 3Deep Drop "X" Rig

Regular price $23.50

Deep Drop "X" Rig 

These are a result of a "new" proven configuration for monster Tiles, Wreckfish and the like. Built ultra-strong, they can handle LARGE monsters of the deep.


  • These have the same HEAVY DUTY 3-way swivels, barrels and snaps as our “Deep Grouper/Snowy Rigs”
  • Main line is 400lb (Option for coated cable)
  • Branch line is 300lb
  • Branches have added glow sleeve for extra protection and stiffness
  • 5.5” B2 Glow Squid of highest glow
  • Mustad 39960D 14/0, 15/0 or 16/0



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