Blue Action Tackle Fluorocarbon - Hand Spools

Blue Action Tackle Fluorocarbon - Hand Spools

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Blue Action Tackle Fluorocarbon in hand spools:

20lb to 80lb test (check drop-down for length options)


  • 100% Japanese Fluorocarbon
  • High refractive index to reduce visibility in water
  • Retains 100% strength when wet
  • High abrasion resistance
  • UV resistant


FROM THE PRO'S: "As a tournament and commercial fishing team in the Northern Gulf of Mexico, quality terminal tackle is imperative to our success. For the last several years Blue Action Tackle has been our sole source for wind-on leaders, deep drop rigs, swivels, and hooks. This tackle repeatedly stands up to the test of the big Grouper, Snapper, and Amberjack that we target each trip. I recently had the pleasure of testing Blue Action’s new private label fluorocarbon during a deep water commercial trip. We put this leader material through the ringer, and believe it was instrumental in helping us land multiple large Gag and Warsaw Grouper. This fluorocarbon’s strength and abrasion resistance was impressive and we are thankful to have found a product that exceeds our high standards."

Dan Sherraden - Rezoned Fishing Team -Alligator Point, Florida - @rezonedfishingteam



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